Sunday, February 12, 2006

Looked at yourself in the mirror lately?

Following story has been taken from Paulo's short stories collection:

The Window and the Mirror

A very rich young man went to see a Rabbi in order to ask his advice about what he should do with his life. The Rabbi led him over to the window and asked him:

'What can you see through the glass?'

'I can see men coming and going and a blind man begging for alms in the street.'
Then the Rabbi showed him a large mirror and said to him:

'Look in this mirror and tell me what you see.'

'I can see myself.'

'And you can't see the others. Notice that the window and the mirror are both made of the same basic material, glass; but in the mirror, because the glass is coated with a fine layer of silver, all you can see is yourself. You should compare yourself to these two kinds of glass. Poor, you saw other people and felt compassion for them. Rich - covered in silver - you see yourself. You will only be worth anything when you have the courage to tear away the coating of silver covering your eyes in order to be able to see again and love your fellow man.'

Monday, December 26, 2005

Papers Schedule II

Alright the last posted schedule cant work. Here is another one. Finish the June July vacations. The course will be completed till end of August probably. Take the papers then. The students will have at least 2 months off in November and Decemeber.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Papers Schedule

I think 11 papers together and 8 practicals in the end of the year which takes at least 2 months gives huge amount of stress to the students. Students mostly enjoy the 8 months of academic session without any fret and then they pass through hell lot of agony in the next two months. So according to Probability and Statstics, there is a lot of Variation. This variation should be reduced and according to me i think they should take at least some papers (4 or 5) in b/w June and July so that there is not much to worry about during the end of the session for the University administration and students alike. However those papers that are taken in June and July, the teachers of that subject should be given more periods so that they can complete their course before June. Students will have more time in december and they can do something useful at that time. At present June, July gets wasted and fifteen days off after the papers in December also get wasted. One cannot enjoy in June, July because of assignments and other stuff and fifteen days period in December is a short period. I say if the above proposal is used than students can have 1 and a half months free in the end and they can do anything in that without the tension of University.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Worthwhile Subjects

I can't help but think of what we actually will remember from the stuff we studied in Third Year! ... For starters, the obvious DBMS, SE, LDST and MP. We've been studying this since FE and have a significant understanding of them now but what of the rest? ... Any subject that we end up rattafying is not ok! ... EMF, CT, LCS and CS ... which is why PS and BCE were far better since we went into the paper with the potential to sole ANY problem that could possibly have been thrown to us within the limits of the course material, no? You just couldn't say the same for the the four electrical subjects, could you? And last but not certainly the least is DE ... which is pretty interesting itself since all knowledge of circuits will be applied at runtime! ( borrowed from Ovais :P)

and Faisal, you bugger ... Don't give me "Do I only study for marks?" crap after that Munesh Chakka answer-remembering technique ... :) ... We all fall prety to the system, as stupid as it is.

Please do comment people, while I go and watch the seasons finale of LOST ...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

CT nay watt laga di!

Damn it! Shit sessionals and now a shit theory paper! Why are they hell-bent on stopping poor souls like me into getting that coveted 1200+ territory! :'( ... After record-low sessionals this year, I needed an average of 66 marks per subject just to get to 1200! Now thanks to CT, that figure is even higher ... or you could say there goes my hope for hitting 1200 yet again! @%$#@$!#@&!# How the hell am I gonna make up for those lost marks?!

Good grades,my arse yeah but like I'd love it if I were to get an A1 ... and I know its reachable alright!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good Grades, My Arse!

This is for all those who over-emphasize the importance of getting GOOD grades at a university like NED. Quite frankly, that is total bull and nothing else. I am most certainly NOT saying that grades don't matter at all, they do and I would just love it if I were to get an A-1 myself BUT getting below that is not the end of the world.

What pressed me to make this post here was an experience a very close cousin of mine had recently when he was appying at GeorgiaTech. He had a GPA of 3.4 but unfortunately couldn't get a very good GRE score on his first attempt. Much to his surprise, his batchmates with a GPA as low as 2.6 got the greenlight and he was kept waiting until finally being rejected. It was only later that he found out that what had kept him from getting in was his GRE score. His university grades were great, but GeorgiaTech preferred his GRE score over his academic grades that he secured here in Pakistan. He had to give the GRE again just to improve his score, which he did in the end and now he IS at Georgia Tech.

So, just goes to show how much they rely on gradings of our universities and it couldn't be more fitting to a system such as the one at work at our very own NED.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Intel's manufacturing cost: $40 per chip!

It's funny they still wouldn't slash their prices given the intense competition they are having to deal with at the moment. I must admit, I'm beginning to consider an AMD processor for me next PC, not that it is coming anytime soon but it's been posting impressive performance numbers everywhere and it's days of instability with Windows and other bull are long gone. Will do more research later.

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